Why BETA-i?

Acquiring an existing profitable business is typically less risky and provides greater returns than starting a business from scratch. Existing businesses have established revenues, cash flow, customer and supplier bases. A new entrepreneur buyer can be focused on growing revenue, innovation and improving overall performance to drive, through their leadership and management skills, value creation. Why build from scratch when you can buy it and make it better! Many Black entrepreneurs lack the training, know-how, capital, and resources to search and acquire an existing established business, BETA-i fills that void.

Statistics show that only 67% of searchers actually find a company to buy, and 70% of searchers who follow the traditional model fail!

Why Choose BETA-i Over the Traditional Search Fund Model?

BETA-i believes that the failure rate of the traditional model is unacceptable, especially when the track record of search fund accelerators and incubators demonstrates this high failure rate is avoidable.

 To improve searchers’ success rate, we work closely with a select group of searchers from the start to finish: we offer guidance, advice, and coaching from the first step of searching for a company to acquiring and running it as a CEO. We provide proven techniques and technologies to our searchers and commit to seeing them succeed. By partnering with BETA-i, not only will you have access to advisors for every step during the process, but you will also build meaningful relationships with other entrepreneurs both as searchers and equity-owning CEOs.

Why Join BETA-i? 

Our goal is a 100% success rate and the experience of our team will get us there. We are the first highly specialized coaching team for Black entrepreneurs in the search fund world and maintain the highest practice standards and professionalism.

Founded in 2020, BETA-i focuses on a proven model that prioritizes helping searchers and CEOs succeed. We are continuously learning, adapting, and experimenting to be at the forefront of creating a world of successful African-Canadian CEOs.