BETA-i Advantages

BETA-i offers exclusive training, coaching, resources, support in financing, and world-class expertise in search. Our aim is to dramatically increase your probabilities of success and to accelerate your lead time in completing the ETA journey.

ETA Catalyst Training

Foundational skills and knowledge to increase probabilities for success during the ETA journey:


  • ETA as a Career Choice
  • Search Strategies for the Ideal Target Acquisition
  • Assessing and Valuing Small Businesses
  • Deal Financing & Structures
  • Negotiation and Seller Motivation
  • Transaction Due Diligence
  • Value Creation Post Acquisition
  • Leadership in a Transition Environment

    Resources for ETA:

    Unparalleled resources, tools and support to for searching and acquiring a small business:

    • Deal pipeline: Prospective businesses to buy
    • CRM system: Track your deal pipeline & progress
    • Comms: Email address, templates & call scripts
    • Analytics tools: DD checklists & financial models
    • Legal templates: LOI, PPM, SHA, SPA, etc.
    • Support for deal financing: Present your deal to equity and debt investors in the TNS network
    • 12 months of group and one-on-one coaching