Black Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Incubator

As a non-profit organization and the first Canadian and first Black-targeted search fund accelerator, we envision a world where African-Canadian entrepreneurship is robust and profitable. To do so, we provide Black entrepreneurs with a systematic process for the acquisition of private, small-to-medium size businesses, which historically have a substantially greater probability of profitable, entrepreneurial success than the riskier creation of start-up enterprises. After seeing how many Black start-up businesses have failed, we determined there must be a better way.  We found that better way is Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA). However, being able to search for, acquire, and run a company is on its own very difficult.  Add to that the need to overcome the root causes in business which contribute to the disparities & challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs and the challenge becomes more arduous.

We resolved to finding a sound business approach to remedy both and to dramatically improve searcher success.  

Thus, BETA-i was born.  

BETA-i was created with 5 objectives:

  • Boost awareness of search funds and maximize the number of Black searchers
  • Increase searcher success in the searching, closing, and managing of high-potential businesses;
  • Deliver unmatched training, guidance and support from our staff, mentors, advisors and committed investors;
  • Incorporate in its training and structures the culturally diverse practices and mandates that are generally overlooked which have contributed to past successes;
  • Substantially tip the odds of success in favour of our searchers compared to other alternatives.

BETA-i employs the proven ETA model and expands and enhances it to meet the needs of all Black searchers.  We believe that with more support the likelihood is substantially greater for our searchers succeeding and maximizing their rewards.

We want the decision to join BETA-i to not only be obvious but to be the first choice for Black entrepreneurs.

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1 647 245 3099

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